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Discovery of high-level requirements and sizing the project. Sometimes when you just have an idea we help you define your accurate requirements and indicate challanges


Conceptual workshop to determine MVP features. To avoid huge workload we are always eager to help you make trade-offs here and there so that you achieve working prototype in reasonable price


UX design and iterative application development. Here goes all the work you need. As long as you are willing we either keep you in the loop or just present consecutive milestones on the roadmap


Blockchain & NFT Expertise.

We review NFT project ideas, advise on technical details and make feasibility studies based on our multiyear experience. We help companies succeed on any stage including early stages and post hack situations.

You will avoid costly mistakes

We helped companies make their collections right. As smart contracts are immutable in their nature mistakes are hard to undo. Let us take care of your business idea and make the complex process smooth and free from expensive bugs.

The complex solution you need

We offer complex solution including changing your idea into work plan, delivering custom mobile friendly UI, high quality smart contract development and server side services according to your needs.

Gamification done right

We have learned it the hard way that in many aspects NFT collections for gaming and play to earn games particularly are the most demanding ones. You need to simulate the tokenomics to make things well balanced, provide fair chances randomization, store things on-chain and off-chain and plan various other aspects beforehand. This is the business journey that requires trusted partner by your side.

We did it many times before.

We have deployed multiple custom NFT smart contracts to production that allowed hundreds of users to interact with.

Projects that were never heard of

No matter what unique features your NFT has (i.e game loot, premium content access etc) we are seasoned in facing those rare technical and business challenges that come along. 

NFT as Access Pass

NFT Access Passes are changing the rules. No matter if you are an artist, blogger, YouTuber, musician, celebrity, instructor or represent a brand - you can benefit from distributing content with NFT-gating access. Get the freedom of monetizing your community and make it on your own rules. By issuing NFT tokens you give access to stuff you want to share now and in the future. Check out the full list of benefits of token-protected pages or contact us to get an estimate.



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We are front-end veterans. Working in react, angular and even plain vanilla.js web applications. We are competent in designing complex user experiences as well as advanced data visualization with use of three.js, babylon.js and d3.js libs

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Being Full Stack javascript developers we have created small and medium size server applications with use of node.js and nest.js. We are confident in working with all database types.

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Over the last 5 years we have gained a lot of experince building conventional and serverless backend solutions working with various AWS services like EC2, Dynamodb, API Gateway, S3, RDS, Lambda etc


10 years of experience

Team members are truly vetted in angular projects, working with different domains 

Various domains

Mostly fintech but several equally important like FMCG brands, celebrities, engineering but the list goes on

Large projects under the belt

We have experience working with projects where where several teams worked together on one app

Complex architecture

Whenever required we solve problems with right tools like: ngrx, nrwl, module federation, microfrontends and have years of experinece with these

Most demanding customers

The apps we have been working on are used by market leaders


We have done several projects especially in fintech where rapid changes of data required tackling a lot of real time challenges



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