Business Oriented Team that delivers


Core Principles

By hiring us you get remarkably experienced blockchain team that follows four simple rules.​

  • Take Ownership

  • Be Pragmatic

  • Focus on Results

  • Learn and Grow


Blockchain Development

We have deployed multiple custom NFT smart contracts to production that allowed hundreds of users to interact with. We review NFT project ideas, advise on technical details and make feasibility studies based on our multiyear experience. We help companies succeed on any stage including early stages and post hack situations.


Frontend Development

We are front-end veterans. Working in react, angular and even plain vanilla.js web applications. We are competent in designing complex user experiences as well as advanced data visualization with use of three.js, babylon.js and d3.js libs


Backend Development

We have created small and medium size server applications with use of node.js and nest.js. We are confident in working with all database types. as well as various AWS services like EC2, Dynamodb, API Gateway, S3, RDS, Lambda etc



Tech Stack


React & Angular

Node.js, Nest.js & AWS

Teams as cotkah are extremely proficient at crafting custom software in various tech. Not only we are technical experts but we are focused on the business goal and have pragmatic approach

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