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Blockchain & NFT Experts


During dozen years of software development and 4 years particularly in area of blockchain we have faced various challenges and provided excellent quality in following fields.

  • Smart Contracts Development for all major networks

  • NFT Collections

  • Token Gated Systems for all content types

  • Custom Cryptocurrencies

  • Hyperledger-based solutions

  • Custom software interacting with Blockchain

  • PoCs and consulting

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Real Estates & Energy markets

Blockchain is becoming more and more present in real estate and energy markets. New tools and immutability of blockchain-stored data becomes a way to get cash flows and allow people to invest the new way.



Gamification & Tokenomics

We have learned it the hard way, that in many aspects, NFT collections for gaming and play-to-earn games particularly are the most demanding ones. One need to simulate the tokenomics to make things well balanced, provide fair chances randomization, store things on-chain and off-chain and plan various other aspects beforehand. This is the business journey that requires trusted partner by your side. 

Image by Jorge Franganillo
NFT Collection on Screen


Marketplaces integrations

NFT minting can come in many different shapes and forms. No matter how complicated it can get, integrations with marketplaces like OpenSea, Binance, TofuNFT are a must these days.


Automation for Exchanges

During 4 years of experience with blockchain-related projects, we helped companies react to new market requirements. Among them there are projects involving instant reaction to exchange events, and making automated trade decisions. In systems like that the stakes are high, trust and reliability are key values.

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Marketing and Content Economy

NFTs are not only the images that can cost millions. The real value they ultimately bring to the table is the certificate of ownership. We helped  our customers to use them in various ways and one of them is granting/denying access to premium resources, something like all subscription-based pages i.e. medium but without monthly payments. Instead, access rights could be easily verified by  owning a specific token in a wallet.


Play to Earn Metaverse.

Success Story: How we helped Estonian startup Space Cartels to launch their NFT Play to Earn Metaverse.

Key Features

  • Migration of tokens from Terra to Binance Smart Chain

  • Developing two custom upgradeable Smart Contracts (ERC-721 compatible) for token retrieving and advanced minting

  • Crafting custom real time React web application for seamless transactions

  • Deploying the whole dapp and smart contract to production

  • NFT collections with marketplaces integration

  • Ready for traffic peaks

  • Supporting minting of hundreds of users